Inderjit Nagi, Creative Director

Qualified as a Fashion Designer, Inderjit is a creatively-inclined individual. He undertook teaching Fashion Design and Technology at a very young age, coaching students in Fashion Illustration, History of World Costumes and Portfolio Presentation while also mentoring them for their graduating fashion show. He also guest lectured at a Finishing School on Wardrobe Management, Faking Figure Flaws, The Art of Make-up and Dressing Right. Eventually he took up the position of Beauty Stylist with L’Officiel-India Magazine where he was actively involved in conceptualizing and executing beauty related content for each imminent issue. As a stylist, he has worked with some of India’s best photographers, make-up artists, hair stylists, film stars, models, socialites and cosmetic and fragrance brands. Inderjit also takes keen interest in writing and frequently wrote for L’Officiel-India and freelanced for Spice Route—Spice Jet Airline’s In-flight Magazine. He is in constant touch with his designing abilities and designs clothes for private clientele at Sangini Boutique. It is his love for all things creative that magnetized him towards this domain of the Indian Film Industry and at Sangini Entertainment he takes keen interest in scripting and directorial assistance, costume designing, ornamentation, beauty styling, stage & set décor and publicity design.

Syed Ali Arif, Head — Graphics

Like most teenagers, Arif did the right thing and enrolled in a traditional “joboriented” university course, opting to study science. The self-taught artist quickly realised that he was meant to do something else, especially when he bunked classes to visit a nearby movie theatre—he wasn’t there to catch a flick, but to memorize every brush stroke, line and minute detail of movie posters on display, only to paint them later for practice. He juggled a couple of day jobs as a salesman, press reporter and copywriter; his artistic breakthrough came in 1989 when he won the Andhra Pradesh State Arts Competition. A full-time artist now, Arif has explored themes like sexuality, rural India, religion, mythology and self-identity and has presented his art to connoisseurs through more than 9 exhibitions across India. But in constant touch with his graphic design skills, he continued to take up projects like company branding (creating logos and related stationary), website design and publicity design while also freelancing for a Spanish real-estate magazine and a New York based entertainment magazine Talent World. Thrilled to work within his favorite realms, art and Bollywood, the captivating publicity designs for all shows have been designed by Arif.

Abhimanyu Khanna, Marketing Manager (USA)

An alumnus of Mayo College, Ajmer, Abhimanyu is nothing short of a volcano exuding hardcore salesmanship and shrewd business acumen, owing to which he was integrated in the team of Sangini Entertainment. On completing his higher secondary studies from Scots College, New Zealand, he enrolled himself in Christian Brothers University, Memphis, USA and graduated in the domains of Marketing and Finance. Thereafter he chose to settle in America to pursue a career in his favorite field, bagging every opportunity that arrived his way and gradually rising to higher echelons. Abhimanyu has worked as a Sales Consultant and handled enviable projects that required his unmatched promotional know-how and presently he owns and runs his brainchild, Khanna Communication, in Hollywood, Los Angeles. Originally from Mumbai, Abhimanyu — with his innate love for Bollywood and the rich Indian culture — could not resist being a part of this company.

Sangini Boutique, Costumes

Launched in 1991 in a quiet Mumbai suburb, Sangini Boutique was the brainchild of Swapna Khanna who wished to properly channel her innate love for clothes, fabrics and embroidery. During her years as a Bollywood actress, Swapna wore the chicest costumes of the time, both on and off-screen and her passion towards clothing only grew stronger. When she traveled around India and abroad, she consistently found that boutiques and designers catered only to the elite who could afford expensively tailored outfits and it was this attitude that Swapna wished to change through a retail experience well in the reach of college students, working women and the quintessential upper-middle class shopper. From its initial days till date, Sangini Boutique has consistently satisfied its loyal clientele who come looking for affordable and classy tailoring. Actresses and luminaries like Juhi Chawla, Neena Gupta, Varsha Usgaokar, Ashwini Bhave, Pooja Batra, Reshma Bombaywala and Achala Sachdev have been to the store either for trendy designs or exotic fabrics or simply for a flawless fit. Over the years, Sangini Boutique has crafted more than 500 costumes for Sangini Entertainment’s Bollywood-inspired shows and is solely responsible for dressing up all the performing artists.

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