Bollywood Rock-On Show

Bollywood—a legendary place where today’s nobodies are transformed overnight into tomorrow’s sensational stars; a fountain of immortality wherein a single dip in its water assures you an entire chapter in history and a motherboard empowering countless chips branching off it through an inexhaustible power source—at present, is an industry erupting with innovative ideas, iconic superstars and distinctively talented newcomers. Today, it is scaling towering heights, reaching out to far-off horizons and exploring the unexplored, as the world sits back and enjoys, craving for more and more. None can fathom its depth or measure its intensity; but this influential entity most certainly can decide the fate of those even remotely connected to it. Sangini Entertainment salutes the undisputed monarch of entertainment, Bollywood, and the uncrowned geniuses working within the kingdom, who have inspired and to a large extent contributed towards its creation. Long live Bollywood!

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