Entertainment in India has a rich and ancient history and just as ‘Unity in diversity’ describes India, the fusion of divergent factors too shaped entertainment in the country. External invasions, culture and tradition of the indigenous tribal folks along with socio-economic and political growth have gradually carved the rich and extravagant genres of entertainment experienced in the country today.

The roots of entertainment can be traced deep into the realms of history—from the sophisticated, private Mehfils of the Mughals to the mischievous Nautankis for the masses; from classical performances of a Devadasi to the satirical and sartorial Lavani; from mellifluous Ghazals to intense Qawwalis— and with the lapse of time, entertainment metamorphosed and evolved into complex forms, sometimes amalgamating two or more genres of music and dance.

Today, entertainment is an inseparable part of lifestyle. Occasions like weddings, festivals, birthdays, product launches, anniversaries, school/college fests, corporate conferences and parties are lavish affairs involving performances of famous film stars, dance-groups and singers.

It is for occasions like these that the show Shaam-E-Rangeen was conceptualized and crafted to be a cut above the rest; a stage-show that celebrates a soiree of sophistication, grace and beauty with entertainment extraordinaire.

The Show:

Shaam-E-Rangeen is a journey. It is a fluid, seamless journey that commences in the bygone era and gradually meanders to present-day Bollywood. An unforgettable journey of elegance and sophistication, it is a unique culmination of the two quintessential sources of entertainment in India—music and dance. It is a show that re-visits the rich Mughal era, encounters the teasing Nautanki and embraces the vibrancy of Indian classical music and dance.

Shaam-E-Rangeen is a tribute. It invokes nostalgia as it revives classic performances of the reigning queens of Bollywood—from Madhubala to Madhuri Dixit, from Hema Malini to Sri Devi, from Meena Kumari to Aishwarya Rai, from Rekha to Rani Mukerji. The show is dedicated to their scintillating performances, lively expressions, unmatched grace, effortless style and iconic beauty.

Shaam-E-Rangeen is an experience. Gorgeous, nimble-footed and classically-trained dancers cast a spell on the audience as they take center-stage. Opulent setting, exquisite costumes and elaborate jewelry leave a mark of authenticity. The show fuses diverse genres of music and dance—classical, folk, Mujra, Qawwali and Bollywood. Exceptional choreography, melodious array of songs and a well-knitted script complete this visual spectacle.

Shaam-E-Rangeen is a lasting memory. With the marriage of dazzling dances and memorable music, the merger of gorgeous costumes and the sheer drama of human emotions this colorful extravaganza is created to rule the mind, eternally.

(Shaam-E-Rangeen is the first concept-oriented production by Sangini Entertainment and was first performed in 1996. It was record-smashing in USA where it ran for 6 consecutive years and was performed 110 times. In France, 12 performances of the show have been organized. Shaam-E-Rangeen has also toured United States Virgin Islands, Australia, Fiji Islands, Tanzania, UAE and New Zealand.)

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