Dreamgirls of Bollywood

Dreamgirls of Bollywood

Dreamgirls of Bollywood is a theatrical experience that amalgamates diverse dances, music, emotions, ethics and cultural beliefs of India with the colourful, vigorous and pulsating Bollywood. Nothing short of a legendary place, it is Bollywood where ambitious girls have come and turned overnight into glamour swans and heartthrobs of millions; where the real divas sing melodious tunes and dance with unmatched poise, bringing alive the very spirit of India. True to the very essence of Indian films, this two-hour, non-stop mode of entertainment encompasses myriad emotions—drama, romance, action, humour, wit, optimism and tragedy presented live on stage.

A typical Bollywood film starts with very dramatic introductions of its actors, followed by over-the-top scenes establishing their characters. Usually, the main stars of the film are portrayed as victims of some tragedy and a lot of emphasis is given to their efforts in dealing with infinite suffering. Gradually, the film plots to bring about the actors’ revolt against all evil, finally establishing them as heroes. Periodic breaking of the tale with songs and dances thrills audiences while giving a certain direction to the film. Dreamgirls of Bollywood pays tribute to the journey of Bollywood films and is a well-crafted, creative but above all, honest attempt allowing audiences to experience the magic of one such film but with the incomparable charm, energy and grandeur of theatre.

The Show

Dreamgirls of Bollywood

Dreamgirls of Bollywood is the story of a simple girl named Sajili residing in a small town where music and dance dwell closely to the town’s human inhabitants. She is an epitome of Indian classical dancing and trains under none other than Pandit Shankaracharya, the maestro who has inherited music and dance from his legendary ancestors—the very own entertainers of the royal Mughals. The story thrives on these two characters and their individual dreams—the guru’s to permeate the entire nation with music and dance and retire soon to let his favorite Sajili carry on this tradition; and Sajili’s to become a Bollywood heroine and work hard to let her expertise in dance get her to top the league of reigning divas.

The plot thickens with Sajili’s undying fascination for Bollywood, the divas, the glitz and glamour and her guru’s disagreement, persistence and consequent anger. The conflict between Sajili and her guru, the support offered to her by her sincere lover, the resistance of her peers and ultimately her mysterious journey through the clutches of time that follows—all enacted through scintillating performances—are few highlights that promise to enthrall viewers.

The audience is not only guided through a contemporary tale of love, tragedy and triumph but also the perfect fusion of enormously popular and infectious Bollywood dances and strong elements of live Indian classical music and dance. Musical instruments like the Tabla and Dholak reverberate in the theatre in tandem with vibrant footwork of the Kathak and Bharatnatyam dancers. Jugalbandi, an artistic argument between musicians and classical dancers, is a visual treat that simulates the senses and results in sheer bliss.

Opulent sets, exquisite costumes and elaborate jewelry almost a metaphorical extension of the multi-faceted artists, transport the audience to a utopian world, completely mesmerizing connoisseurs of art and entertainment.

Apart from the essence of Bollywood, the show also introduces one of the Seven Wonders of the World and India’s pride—the Taj Mahal. This dramatic musical and visual narration unfolds the history of the Taj Mahal—a monument reminiscent of the love saga of the great Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan and his beloved wife Mumtaaz Mahal.

The coyness of a blushing bride or the feverishly infectious moves of iconoclastic divas; the come-hither sensuality of a courtesan or the tragedy of unrequited romance…all have been depicted through dance, music and drama in Dreamgirls of Bollywood.

Cast & Crew


  • Raman Khanna—Producer
  • Swapna Khanna—Director
  • Inderjit Nagi—Creative Director
  • Bharathi Pradhan—Script Advisor/Dialogue Writer
  • Subhash Nakashe—Choreographer
  • Zoheb Husain—Music Director
  • Bharathi Pradhan & Asad Ajmeri—Lyricists
  • Bhola Sharma—Art Director/Light Designer
  • Syed Ali Arif—Publicity Desginer
  • Sangini Boutique—Costumes


  • Aditi Bhagwat—Sajili/Sonia
  • Pandit Kalinath Mishra—Pandit Shankaracharya (Guruji)
  • Shiva Rindani—Hariya/Harry
  • Nakul Ghanekar—Anwar
  • Parthaa Akerkar—Khainilal/Producer Rustom
  • Inderjit Nagi—Mickey
  • Meenakshi Dixit—Shivangi

Live Musicians

  • Pandit Kalinath Mishra—Tabla
  • Mrinal Upadhyay—Pakhawaj
  • Anis Chandani—Keyboard

Dreamgirls (Dancers)

  • Sheetal Maulik
  • Humera Almas
  • Sonalee Surve
  • Manalee Surve
  • Megha Gaikwad
  • Manisha Basu
  • Aparna Tarakad
  • Payal Dandekar
  • Meenakshi Dixit
  • Minal Bhike

Male Dancers

  • Dinesh Chorge
  • Shamji Waghela
  • Rahul
  • Feroze
  • Avdhut


  • Rashida Kashvi—Hair & Make-up
  • Bela—Hair & Make-up
  • Farha Shaikh— Artist Management/Costume Assistant
  • Maqsood and Mehmood—Tailors

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