Bollywood Masti

Bollywood Masti

What does one expect from a show that brings together stunningly-beautiful dancers, enormously-popular singers, groovy music and Bollywood-style pelvic thrusts? The answer—sheer bliss and heaps of fun or masti! And Bollywood Masti lets you experience ample of these.

A smashing, swinging and groovy show Bollywood Masti is packed with adrenaline-pumping performances by an array of dazzling divas swirling in elaborate costumes and by India’s very own singing-sensation, ‘Rock Star’ Avijit Roy, the show is an absolute must-watch.

Also, witness melodious and hard-hitting songs sung by non-other than the famed Torsha Sarkar, crowned First Runner-up at Indian Idol 4.

Bollywood Masti is a high-voltage display of entertainment and masti with innovative choreography, flawless compositions and perfect synchronization.

This visual master-blaster involves dancers branded for their mastery in many genres of dances including Indian Classical.

Sequences include latest and hot Bollywood numbers, sizzling Item-Numbers, heavy Bhangra numbers and Desi Nautanki numbers.

Come and enjoy pulsating music like never heard before, colorful costumes like never seen before and acts like never experienced before…in Bollywood Masti.

(Conceptualized in 2009, Bollywood Masti has been performed in Barcelona, Madrid, Tenerife and Las Pamas in Spain)

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