About Us

Objectives of Establishment

  • Experts in their own fields, Raman Khanna and Swapna Khanna share the same passion towards Bollywood and its upcoming domain of theatrical productions.
  • Raman Khanna’s understanding of global showbiz coupled with Swapna Khanna’s creativity and years of acting experience in Indian Cinema led to establishment of Sangini Entertainment.


Sangini Entertainment intends to offer a wide range of premium quality, professionally administered theatrical shows to the lovers of Indian Cinema across the length and breadth of the globe.

Company Profile

Sangini Entertainment:

  • Was created with an aim to meet the universally rising demand for quality entertainment shows.
  • Explores, trains and nurtures hidden talent in various forms of performing arts, from India and abroad.
  • Offers visual and musical extravagance that is innovative, inimitable and exceptional.
  • Aims to amalgamate Indian culture, the performing arts and Bollywood through the medium of premium quality, professionally administered theatricals & musicals and to take them to its connoisseurs on national and international lands.
  • Houses a team of highly skillful technicians in the domains of music, dance, choreography, scripting, direction, set design and costumes.
  • Boasts of excellent local, national and global networking, ensuring on-time deliverance.
  • Is well-equipped with a dedicated office space and a 1200 sq. ft. sized rehearsal hall with a lobby for uninterrupted practice sessions
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